A few days ago, I posted a few ‘tell it like it is’ comments on a friend’s post, a friend whom I’ve known since the earth cooled, by the way, regarding the super obesity show on TLC. Another poster took them as being critical. I usually ignore stuff like that, except when it comes to the elderly, and this person appeared to me to be just that, so I deleted the comments. Mama taught me to respect the elderly.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years. The only person better than me at yo-yo dieting is Oprah. When the stress levels escalate, and they’ve been sky high in the last eight years, the pounds on the scale go up too. Thankfully, beautiful and wonderful changes have come into my life, by the Grace of God, and because I’m beginning to take control once again. There are areas in my life that are exponentially messed up, some not my fault, but many of them are. My goal is to fix them—they are mine to fix, not anyone else’s. They are my responsibility, whether I did them, or someone else done something to me.

In my career, people have opened doors for me or encouraged me, or helped me learn new skills, as I’ve strived to improve my life. Being blessed like that I try to pass it along, helping someone who wants to learn a skill (in I.T., you’re always in a learning mode), or whatever. However, some people, as the old saying goes, will mistake your kindness for weakness and take advantage of the situation. I learned a long time ago not everyone in a bad situation deserves pity. They are in a bad place because of their actions, or because they want to be pitied. Which leads me to the following.

It’s difficult for me to feel sorry for people who refuse to help themselves. We all have problems, some of them are huge, but some folks instead of working on fixing those issues,  they whine. They’ll say, “I know I’ve got a problem, but it’s somebody else’s fault, or it’s because of this, or it’s because of that. I just can’t help myself.” Yes, they can too! That’s nothing but a crutch.

Anyone can get in a bad situation, but one doesn’t have to stay there. Making changes, taking the initiative, the word I like is gumption. I’ve seen people rise up out of horrific situations & make better lives for themselves. With hard work and perseverance, they made improvements. Sometimes it took months, like with battling obesity, and sometimes it took years, like dealing with financial problems. They did it. They made it happen.

However, some people thrive on pity, & they use it to manipulate others. I’ve got no time for that. God gave each of us a brain, He expects us to use it. Everybody needs prayer, but some people just need to take responsibility for their actions. God gave each of us a free will to make choices, & those choices have consequences. If a person eats 10,000 calories a day, then they shouldn’t be surprised when they find themselves wider than a door. It’s nobody’s fault but their own.

Survival is not a given. You have to have gumption to make changes. Don’t be afraid to fight for yourself. You never know what may come of it.


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